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The Journey Bracelet - Adopt Your Journey Companion

The Journey Bracelet - Adopt Your Journey Companion

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Adopt your own Sea Turtle and bond forever with her with your tracking bracelet !

Find out her name, her story and watch over her every day with the included geolocation map ! 📍

Show your support and help save Sea Turtles with our classic hand-made bracelet! Each bracelet comes with information about your sea turtle with a link to access their tracking map.

Each bracelet comes with a different sea turtle to track, so add as many as you would like!

Follow Your Turtle's Journey

Each bracelet gives you access to the tracking geolocation map of a sea turtle in the oceans.📍

You too, discover the great adventures of your sea turtle, follow its movements through the seasons and enjoy a ludic and continuous virtual experience.

One Small Bracelet. One Big Mission

Each sale of bracelet contributes financially to the actions of associations and partners who fight for the protection and the safeguard of the Sea Turtles but also in the depollution of the oceans. Your contribution will help our achieve the vision of a world where every Sea Turtle can live free from harm.


- 100% Waterproof
- Hand-Strung with Clear Stretch Cord
- One Size Fits Most
- Our bracelets are handmade made with natural stones and each will vary slightly


  • Why are sea turtles tracked?

Since most research conducted on marine turtles has been carried out on nesting beaches and well over 90% of a sea turtle’s life is spent in the water — feeding, mating, migrating and doing whatever else a sea turtle does when no one is watching, we are missing important information that can help us better protect sea turtles. In particular, to adequately protect sea turtles in all their habitats, we must learn more about their migratory patterns, their behavior at sea, where their marine habitats are located, how the turtles use these different habitats, and the migration routes turtles travel between habitats. Satellite telemetry (following an object on the earth with the use of orbiting satellites) has advanced to the stage of allowing researchers to track turtles in the open ocean after attaching a Platform Terminal Transmitter (PTT) to the back of a sea turtle.

  • How do I track my turtle ?

Along with your bracelet, you will receive a secret QR code allowing you to access your animal virtual geolocation map.

  • What does it mean when someone gives you a turtle bracelet?

Giving someone a turtle bracelet can have a number of meanings, and it can be a uniquely personal experience to find the meaning that resonates with you. Among the most common associations with sea turtles are protection and prosperity, as sea turtles live long, full lives and are protective creatures.

  • What do turtles symbolize on jewelry?

Sea turtles have a life expectancy that is comparable to humans. This can be anywhere between 50 and 100 years. Interestingly, female turtles can continue to lay eggs and nest up until they are around 80 years old.

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